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Biological Organic Fertilizers Market、COVID-19の影響、企業分析およびグローバル予測2021-2027

Biological Organic Fertilizer Industry was US$ 1.4 Billion in 2020. By Type, Mode of Application, Impact of COVID-19, Company Analysis and Global Forecast 2021-2027.

Global Fertilizers Market 2027年までに93.9億米ドルになります

According to Renub Research, Global Fertilizers Market is Forecasted to be more than USD 93.9 Billion by the end of year 2027.

India Fertilizer Market 消費別、企業別、2026年までの予測

India Fertilizers Market is expected to be US$ 26.33 Billion by 2026. Impact of COVID-19, Forecast by Consumption, Industry Size, Growth Trends, Opportunity Company Analysis, Financial Insight.

Specialty Fertilizers Market 肥料別、企業別、2027年までの予測

Specialty Fertilizers Market is projected to reach US$ 50.51 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast, Impact of COVID-19, Industry Size, Growth Trends, Opportunity Company Analysis, Financial Insight.

Hydroponics Market, タイプ別、企業別の業界動向、2027年までの予測

Hydroponics Market will be US$ 19.08 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast, Impact of COVID-19, Industry Trends by Type, Input, Crops, Technology, Region, Opportunity Company Overview, Revenue.

Europe Agriculture Equipment Market セグメント別、企業別、2027年までの予測

Europe Agriculture Equipment Market will be US$ 75.3 Billion by 2027. by Segments (Tractor, Harvesting, Haymaking, Tillage & Others), Sub-Segments & Forecast, Companies Analysis.

Industrial Hemp Market アプリケーション別,企業別,2027年までの予測

Industrial Hemp Market will grow and reach US$ 17.4 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast By Application, Regions, Overview, Recent Developments, Revenue, Company Analysis.

Agricultural Micronutrients Market 製品別、企業別、2027年までの予測

Agricultural Micronutrients Market is expected to be US$ 10.7 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast by Products(Boron, Copper, Iron, Molybdenum, Zinc, & Others), Forms, Crops, Regions, Company Analysis.

China Agriculture Equipment Market セグメント別、企業別、2026年までの予測

China Agriculture Equipment Market Opportunity will be US$ 43.5 Million by 2026. Forecast by Segments, Single & Multi/Combine Machinery Sales, Company Analysis.

Global Corn Market 103によってUS$2026億になります

According to Renub Research analysis, Global Corn Market is forecasted to be more than US$ 199 Billion by the end of year 2026.

Global Tea Market 2026年までのタイプ、地域、企業、および予測によって

Global Tea Market will be US$ 71.784 Billion by the year 2026. Forecast By Type, Packaging, Distribution Channel, Application (Residential and Commercial), Region, Company Analysis.

Milk Powder Market セグメント別、企業分析2027年までのグローバル予測

Milk Powder Market will be US$ 42 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast By Segment (Whole, Skimmed, Dairy Whitener, Butter, Fat Filled, Others), Application, Regions, Company Analysis.

Global Pasta Market タイプ別、地域別、企業別、2026年までの予測

Global Pasta Market is expected to reach USD 21.2 Billion by 2026. By Type (Dried, Chilled/Fresh, Canned/Preserved and Others), Distribution Channel, Regions, Company Analysis, Forecast.

Protein Ingredient Market 製品別、地域別、2027年までの世界予測

Protein Ingredient Market will be US$ 73.7 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast By Products (Plant & Animal/Dairy Protein), Form (Solid, Liquid), Application, Regions, Company Analysis.

Soybean Market &国、企業、2027年までのグローバル予測によるボリューム

Soybean Market would be US$162.36 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast By Consumption, Production, Import, Export Countries, and Company Analysis.

Hemp Seeds Market 製品別、企業別、2027年までのグローバル予測

Hemp Seed Market will be US$ 544.93 Million by 2027. Global Forecast By Product, Application (Food & Beverages, Personal Care, Industrial Products and Others), Regions, Company Analysis.

United States Plant Based Food Market セグメント別,Comapnies,2027年までの予測

United States Plant-Based Food Market will increase to US$ 10.7 Billion in 2027. Forecast By Segments, Food Services, Merger and Acquisitions, Company Analysis.

Plant Based Meat Market ソース別、企業別、2027年までの予測

Plant Based Meat Market will grow and arrive at US$ 14.9 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast By Source (Soy, Mycoprotein, Wheat, Others), Product, Food, Regions, Company Analysis.

Global Fertilizer Market セグメント別、企業別、2027年までの予測

Global Fertilizer Market is going to worth more than US$ 93.9 Billion by 2027. by Segments (Ammonia, Phosphorus, and Potassium), Region, Company Analysis & Forecast.

United States Melon Market,  タイプ、企業、予測によって

United States Melon Market will be US$ 977.30 Million by 2027. by Types(Water Melon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew), Production, Import, Export, Companies, Forecast.

Global Coffee Market, 国、企業、予測によるボリューム

Global Coffee Market is expected will be US$ 28.8 Billion by 2027. By Producing Country, (Arabica & Robusta), Bean, Roast and Ground, Soluble Exporting & Importing, Company Analysis, Forecast.

United States Bean Market ,生産量,予測

United States Beans Market will grow at a CAGR 7.93% and reach US$ 1.1 Billion by 2027. By Bean Types, Production, Import, Export, Volume (Consumption), Company Analysis & Forecast.

Oatmeal Market およびボリューム、企業&グローバル予測

Oatmeal Market will be US$ 8.63 Billion by 2027. Global Forecast By Oat Type, Distribution Channel, Consuming, Volume (Producing, Importing Country, and Exporting Country), Companies.

Global Wheat Market 生産、輸入、輸出、会社分析による&ボリューム

Global Wheat Market will be US$ 218.9 Billion by 2027. By Production, Consumption, Import, Export, Wheat Utilization, Company Analysis & Forecast.

Global Sugar Market 消費、輸出、輸入によるボリューム(v)

Global Sugar Market will be US$ 53 Billion by 2027. By Consumption, Production, Imports, Exports, Company Analysis & Forecast.

Global Rice Market 消費、輸入、および輸出によるボリューム(b)

Global Rice Market will be a USD 274 Billion opportunity by 2027. By Consumption, Production, Imports, Exports, Company Analysis & Forecast.

Europe Fertilizer Market, セグメント別、タイプ別、作物別、国別、企業別

Europe Fertilizer Market will be US$ 8.6 Billion by 2027. Forecast by Segment (Nitrogen, Potassium & Phosphate), Type (Nitrate, Urea, UAN, Compound fertilizer & Others), Crop, Country, and Company Analysis.