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Brazil Tire Industry 6.25%のCAGRで2021年から2027年に成長すると予想されています

The Brazil Tire Market is sub-segmented into Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Electric Vehicles and Luxury/Premium Vehicles.

India Cold Chain Market 2021年から2027年の間に13.66%のCAGRで成長する

India Cold Chain Market we have studied Biopharmaceutical Products, Perishable Food (Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Seafood, Dairy Products), Processed Food, Chemicals, Flowers & Plants and Others.

Global Biological Organic Fertilizer Market 2020年から2027年の間に12.03%のCAGRで成長する

The global organic fertilizers industry is a fast-moving sector with dynamic changes on various levels across economies. Several governments have imposed regulations on the agricultural sector across.

Japan E-commerce Payment Market 2022年から2026年までの7%のCAGRで成長する

Japan e-commerce payment market includes Card, Cash, Bank transfers, Digital wallets, and others became the most commonly used e-commerce payment mechanisms in Japan.