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United States Pulse Market セグメント別、生産、輸入、輸出量(B)

United States Pulse Market & Volume, By Segments (Beans, Dry Peas, Lenticels, Chickpeas) and Sub-segments, Dry Beans, Production, Import, Export, Consumption, Forecast & Company Analysis

Hand Sanitizer Market, 商品-流通経路別グローバル予測

Hand Sanitizer Market will reach US$ 8.26 Billion by 2026. Global Forecast By Products (Gel, Foam, Spray,Others), Distribution Channels (Hyper/Supermarket, Pharmacy Stores, Online Channels, Others), End-User, Regions, & Company Analysis

Native Starch Market, 原材料別生産-グローバル予測

Native Starch Market is expected to be US$ 7.60 Billion globally by 2026. Global orecast, By Raw Materials (Corn, Wheat, Cassava, Potato), Regions (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, ROW) and Company Analysis