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Global eCommerce Market(B2B、B2C)によって、製品カテゴリ&予測

Global eCommerce Market is forecasted to be USD 39.51 Trillion by the year 2026. Forecast by (B2B, B2C), Product Categories (Fashion, Electronics & Media, Toys, Hobby & DIY, Furniture & Appliances, Food & Personal Care) & Company Analysis

United States Video Game Market, カテゴリ別のユーザ予測(F)

United States Video Game Market will be US$ 40.6 Billion by the year 2026. Forecast, by Category, Users, Age Group (Mobile, Download, Online, Gaming Networks, Consoles, PC), Gender, Income, Company Analysis

United Kingdom Diabetes Market, CGMによって、SMBG、インシュリンのペン及びポンプ、会社

United Kingdom Diabetes Market is expected to reach USD 4.33 Billion by the year 2025. By Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Device, Insulin Pen & Pump Market, Companies Analysis